Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moving AGAIN

So I'm moving yet again to Irvine. My room mate and her husband had to move back to her mom's home to save some money so that meant i had to find a new place. It was awesome because for the first time i was content i wasn't scared or nervous i was okay with where ever the Lord led. I started praying about a place and asking the Lord for a place for me to live and to live for awhile. He answered my prayers of COURSE. And not only did he find me a place he found me two places and i got to choose where i wanted to live. It was super hard to decide as the first place was beautiful, safe, great neighborhood, a huge room with a kitchen area just for me, my own bathroom, cable, wi-fi, and to top it all off a South African family!! WHO could as for more right, well the next day i found another place with none of those amenities but i would live like 5 min away from one of my bestest friends in the entire world!!! Arrgggg right!! I felt sick to my tummy having to decide but i ended up with the Irvine place. I hate that I'm gonna be far from her but i know that this is where God wants me and its not like I'm gonna see her any less....hahah my room is so big now she could probably move in with me!! Needless to say God is always faithful and will always meet our needs even if its in a way that we didn't think it should happen....I'm more blessed than i could ever deserve!!!

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  1. Like I said, If you need help moving, I am willing to help !