Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am so excited for SUMMER!! Its ridiculous....i dint know why i mean its gonna be the same summer as last year...just work work work....and the beach on the weekends. I guess this year i just feel grown up i know that sounds silly but i do like i can go out and do what i want whenever i want. Not that its been any different that last couple of years, but i just feel grown up....(some of my friends would love to disagree) you know who u are!!!
Finally i have a doctors appointment for my shoulder on the 10th. I am really praying that all this pain and suffering from the last couple of years can just disappear, although I'm sure its still going to take time, but at least now i have insurance so i don't have to stress money!! God is so faithfull....
Who would of thought that i would be living in Southern Cali by my self have a car paid off a great job with really good benefits and the best friends in the whole wide world. I am speechless when it comes to HIS grace and mercy. ALL TO HIM I OWE!!!
I am being so blessed by Saturday night's worship and Study, its weird becuase i never thought that i would get to this place in my life where my heart is so content in HIM. I will enjoy the down time with Him becuase i know more trials will come and if it causes me to grow even more in HIM then i want to go through it with Christ!!! I love Jesus!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taylor James Duncan Born 3/16/09

Oh my gosh i am the most excited aunty EVER!!! I couldn't be more proud of my brother Simon. He really has turned his life around and become a man and for that i love him even more!!! I couldn't ask for a better big brother.