Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hillson United

Wow what a night of Worship!! God is so real people!!! Just to think that when we get to heaven its going to be a bizillion times better than the hillsong concert lost night and the concert last night was probably one of the BEST concerts i have EVER been to! God reminded me last night to continue to pray steadfastly for this country i live in. It is one of the most powerful nations on this planet and if we "Christians" continue to pray GOD can do amazing things! Even when things around us seem so horrible we must still pray pray pray, do you know why we must pray? Because prayer changes things. If you don't believe me try it!! I challenge you!!
Something the pastor last night said touched my heart in a new way he said
The bible is the word of God and with our faith it becomes the LIVING word!!! Wow.....is all i can say from last night....
I don't deserve the love that HE poured down on me at all!! Thank you Jesus!!!

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