Thursday, February 26, 2009

So much for last night!!!!

Okay so last night I got a flat tire!!! I was at the logos building going to the main sanctuary to get something for Debbie and went over the curb and my tire went "POOF" Luckly i have 1 year road side svc from the mazda ppl so i just called them and they fixed my tire. Not such a good feeling though my poor baby got hurt...Wait im not done with my increadible night though....The reason i went to the main sanctuary was to get a plant that i had left and K&D so it was sitting nicely in my car and while i was driving home i made a u turn and my plant went all over my car....It had these little stones in it and well they are now covering my car. HAHAHA i just laughed i wasnt frustrated or anything i just laughed. Its nice to know that no matter what goes on in the world we always have something to look forward to. I'm happy that i was able to deal with last night so calmly. Thank you Jesus for that :) Now its time to eat some chinese...

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