Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not really my thing.....

So I'm not really a blogger and i am sure that by the time i am done with this blog Maggie would of pointed out a bizzilion gramatical mistakes, but im okay with that. Im just going to write whats on my heart and see what happens :) ( I love you mags)
So thanks to Sera i have been listing to the podcast of Tim Chaddick and have been absolutly enjoying it. I have been feeling like i have not been getting enough of the word lately so i am totally stoked to be able to enjoy listing to really good teaching while working. I am lucky to be able to work at a place where i have my own office and can just listen to anything i want to.
God has been so faithfull to me in so many ways that sometimes well most of the times im like why??? I love when i get to sit back and acutually watch God bless me and not becuase i did anything good but just becuase im his kid and he loves me. Its hard for me to understand that kind of love i dont know why but it just it.
Its Wen. which means its Refuge night which means another night that i am going to be sooooooooo blessed.....
I love Jesus


  1. That's awesome. Yay for tonight! I'm excited to be blessed by Jesus too at Refuge! haha as well as being a blessing to others!! :D

    Love ya

  2. Hey kiddo... I was so afraid that heart picture was your new tatoo and that's what you said really wasn't your thing! Yes, you have to be fed. Serving is important like you do at Refuge, but you have to make sure you are being fed as well. blessings, -theresa